Pepper's Ghost

by Algolagnist

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"I'm not exactly sure if I'm a ghost
A fading image, though, for sure
This was all just another trick
Pepper had us all fooled again."

This will be Algolagnist's final album, at the very least for the time being. This album is something I've wanted to make for a long time. A lot of stuff was left on the cutting room floor, and it may surface sometime soon as a "Rarities and Leftovers" compilation of sorts, but for now, I hope you enjoy the pieces I felt were good enough to serve as my farewell. The first track is simply a recording of Judy Garland singing a reprise of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", which was cut from the final version of the film "The Wizard of Oz". Her voice was the thing that inspired me to finally finish this album, and finally put this project to bed. I'm ready to find my place, somewhere over the rainbow.

The second track was an improvised session that was done in one take. I used various samples from musicians like Akira Yamaoka and Derek Bailey, as well as films like Mulholland Dr and Eraserhead. On top of this, I noodled around with some percussive equipment, an electric guitar, and a hairbrush.

The third track is a short dark ambient piece inspired equally by Lustmord's track "Item" and Peter Sotos' album "Buyer's Market". The audio sample is of a woman being interviewed about Ted Bundy's planned execution.

The fourth and final track is my love letter to one of my favorite places on Earth, The Haunted Mansion. Although the coordinates that appear in the title are those of The Walt Disney World version, audio samples and musical cues from the original Disneyland attraction are used throughout the piece. I also buried within the mix an interview with a man talking about the sun. The sound at the end of the track is a paranormal recording captured in 1971 in Germany. It is commonly referred to as "the pursruck rappings".

The title of the album refers to the illusion invented by John Henry Pepper, where he could project a ghostly visage on a stage before an audience, and make them believe a ghost was actually present. The title was chosen for this album because not only does it relate to one of my favorite subjects, illusions, but it was also used prominently in The Haunted Mansion for the ballroom scene.


released March 21, 2013

Kaitlyn-Chloe, formerly known as Renae Chinaski - Everything



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Algolagnist North Carolina

Kaitlyn-Chloe making music for hirself.

Ze/hir pronouns.

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Track Name: Someday
Someday I'll wake and rub my eyes
And in that land beyond the skies,
You'll find me
I'll be a laughing daffodil
And leave the silly cares that fill
My mind behind me